Betting on Penalty Cards – Revealing 4 Tips for Betting to Win for New Players

Attractive penalty card odds attract many betting enthusiasts at New88today. This is one of the most popular side bets thanks to the high odds offered by the house. To understand and know how to play this type, please read the information in the article below.

Definition of penalty card betting

If you have ever played soccer betting, you will no longer be unfamiliar with the name of the penalty card bet. This is a type of construction based on the total number of penalty cards drawn by the referee during the match.

Penalty cards here include both yellow and red cards given to players on the field. If it is for coaches or reserve players, it will not be counted here. It also only applies during the official 90 minutes of the match, not including extra time or penalty kicks.

In the penalty card bet, yellow counts as 1 point, red counts as 2 points. If a player receives 2 yellow cards and has to leave the field, it is not counted as 2 points but is counted as 1 red and 1 yellow which means 3 points. Thus, each player in a match can only count up to 3 points in betting.

Many players today still wonder if the corner kick bet is a penalty card bet. In fact, these are two completely different types of setup. One is based on the number of penalty cards, the other is based on the number of corner situations, so it needs to be clearly distinguished when playing.

Analyze penalty card bets compared to other bets

Although it is a side bet, the penalty card bet is extremely popular with users. This type of betting has many advantages, bringing many memorable experiences to players.

Advantages and disadvantages compared to other bets

It is not a coincidence that the penalty card bet appears in many matches. This type brings a lot of outstanding value to players.

  • This bet is relatively easy to understand for all players. Anyone can understand it quickly and get started right away.
  • It does not have much to do with the result of the match but mainly depends on the playing style of the two teams. So, beginners can try this experiment.
  • This is a type of bet with very high odds offered by the house, so anyone wants to try here.

Although there are many advantages, this form of play also has significant limitations. You should clearly understand these things to bet more effectively.

  • Although the rules of this type of game are simple, it is not easy to win. There are very few players who can bet correctly.
  • If you do not clearly understand and grasp the knowledge of the two teams, it will be difficult to win.

Factors that directly impact penalty card odds

Before placing a bet, you should know the factors that can affect this form of play. It helps to stay on track when analyzing and commenting to achieve the highest efficiency.

  • The team’s playing style: Many football teams have a tough playing style, not afraid of violence. These are definitely teams that will often receive penalty cards because they are always reckless to get the ball.
  • Player’s personality: On the team there will be quite hot-tempered and fierce players. Especially defenders, players in this position often have to collide with opposing strikers.
  • Game situation: If the team is losing, the players tend to try to find an equalizer. This causes them to sometimes make mistakes and makes the referee have to draw more cards.

Common types of penalty card bets today

If you want to bet, you must clearly understand each type. Some of the commonly used forms include the following:
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Asian handicap card betting

The Asian handicap card bet is built on the difference in the number of penalty cards of the two teams. A team that will be considered the upper team must accept the lower team by one score to keep the match balanced.

Currently, Asian handicap odds do not apply ratios such as 0.25 and 0.75. So here there will be no case of winning half or losing half the money.

Over/Under penalty card betting odds

Over/under odds Penalty cards are a form of betting that determines victory or loss based on the total number of penalty cards the referee draws in the match. First, the dealer will give a prediction number and your task is to guess whether the number is actually less or more. If you think it’s more, choose Over, if you think it’s less, choose Under.

European penalty card betting odds

This is a bet comparing the number of penalty cards between the home team and the away team. It is one of the simplest bets so anyone can start right away.

Odd even penalty card bet

Another commonly used type is the odd-even bet. This is a form of betting that predicts whether the total number of cards in the match is even or odd. In addition, there are some other equally popular forms: the first bet or the last bet.

Tips for playing penalty card betting to increase the chances of winning for new players

To win in any type of betting, you need a specific strategy. Below are some valuable experiences from experts that hope to help you start the game as easily as possible.

Understand clearly about the types of penalty cards and how to use them

Anyone who bets should know clearly what type of betting they are participating in. This type itself also has many small bets, so you need to understand how to use them to have a chance to win. Nowadays, learning is quite easy because any bookmaker has instruction documents.

Take a look at the field strength of the two teams

When making judgments, analyze the field lineup and tactical diagram carefully. Pay attention to players who play aggressively and often receive penalty cards. If they appear on the field, the team may receive more cards during the match.

Take a look at the current form and nature of the match

According to some statistics, important matches such as the knockout rounds or finals will have more penalty cards. This is completely understandable because in these matches, the players are always eager to score goals despite making mistakes.

Besides, remember to review the last 5 matches to know the team’s performance and style of play. Normally, teams that are in poor form will tend to receive more cards.

Refer to odds fluctuations at bookmakers

Whether you bet on penalty cards or any other typeBetting Either way, you should pay attention to the statistical tables at the bookmakers. This parameter best represents the bookmaker’s and the market’s views on the match. This data will help players easily understand the situation and make accurate betting decisions.

Above is a summary of things you need to know about penalty card betting before starting the game. Although it is a side bet, it is extremely attractive to football bettors. Hopefully the above knowledge from New88 will help you bet effectively.

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