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Boost Your Retail Marketing Through Hanshow’s Retail Marketing Solutions

In today’s competitive retail landscape, effective marketing solutions are essential for businesses to stand out and attract customers. Hanshow‘s range of retail marketing solutions, including Lumina Edge, Lumina Max, and Lumina Aqua, offer innovative ways to engage shoppers and drive sales. This article explores the key features of these solutions and how they can help retailers elevate their marketing strategies.

Lumina Edge – Captivating Product Information Display

Lumina Edge is a unique retail marketing solution that utilizes screens installed on the edge of shelves. This strategic placement allows for vivid and eye-catching displays of product information. With Lumina Edge, retailers can showcase key details, such as pricing, features, and promotions, in a visually appealing manner. By capturing shoppers’ attention at the point of purchase, Lumina Edge helps drive product awareness and influence purchasing decisions.

Lumina Max – Empowering Innovative Marketing Activities

Lumina Max is designed to facilitate innovative marketing activities in new retail application scenarios. With its advanced features and capabilities, Lumina Max empowers retailers to create immersive and interactive experiences for customers. From augmented reality (AR) experiences to personalized promotions, Lumina Max opens up new possibilities for engaging shoppers and building brand loyalty. By leveraging this solution, retailers can differentiate themselves from competitors and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Lumina Aqua – Dynamic Product Information Display

Lumina Aqua features double-sided LCD screens that effectively display images and videos of product information directly on the shelf. This solution enhances visual appeal and provides an engaging way to communicate important details to customers. Whether it’s showcasing product features, demonstrating usage, or highlighting special offers, Lumina Aqua helps retailers create impactful and informative displays that capture shoppers’ interest.


Hanshow’s retail marketing solutions, including Lumina Edge, Lumina Max, and Lumina Aqua, offer retailers innovative ways to enhance their marketing strategies. With Lumina Edge’s captivating product information display, retailers can attract customers at the point of purchase. Lumina Max empowers retailers to create immersive experiences and drive customer engagement. Meanwhile, Lumina Aqua’s dynamic double-sided LCD screens provide an effective means of displaying product information. By leveraging these solutions, retailers can elevate their marketing efforts and drive sales in today’s competitive retail landscape.

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