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CHINT NC7 AC Contactor: Reliable Remote Circuit Control

The CHINT NC7 contactor is specifically designed for circuits operating at 50Hz (or 60Hz) with a rated operational voltage of up to 690V and a rated operational current of up to 620A under the AC-3/400V usage category. This article explores the key features and capabilities of the CHINT NC7 contactor, highlighting its reliability and suitability for remote circuit closing and breaking applications.

Reliable Performance in High-Power Applications

The CHINT contactor is engineered to deliver reliable performance in high-power applications. With a rated operational current of up to 620A, this contactor can handle heavy electrical loads, ensuring efficient and precise circuit control. Whether for industrial machinery, commercial systems, or other high-power applications, the NC7 contactor provides a dependable solution for remote circuit operations.

Efficient Remote Circuit Control

The primary function of the CHINT NC7 contactor is to remotely close and break circuits. By effectively controlling the flow of electricity, this contactor enables safe and reliable circuit operations. Whether for starting or stopping motors, controlling lighting systems, or managing other electrical devices, the NC7 contactor ensures smooth and efficient remote circuit control. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it a trusted choice for applications requiring remote circuit operations.


With its ability to handle high-power applications and a wide operational voltage range of up to 690V, the NC7 contactor offers versatility and compatibility with various electrical systems. Whether used in industrial machinery or commercial systems, this contactor ensures reliable circuit closing and breaking operations.

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