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CHINT Relay Solutions – A Testament to Reliability

CHINT, a leading name in the electrical industry, offers a diverse range of products catering to various needs, including relays. Relays play a crucial role in control circuits, serving functions such as intermediate relay, protection relay, time relay, pulse, or count. Within the CHINT relay family, several series stand out for their robust features and wide-ranging applications.

NJYB3 Relay

This relay series from CHINT boasts reliable performance and versatility, making it suitable for a plethora of daily household appliances, industrial control circuits, and mechanical equipment. With its sturdy build and efficient functionality, the NJYB3 Relay ensures smooth operation across different settings.

JSS48A Time Delay Relay

Precision timing is essential in many industrial processes, and the JSS48A Time Delay Relay by CHINT delivers just that. Featuring customizable delay settings and seamless integration capabilities, this relay facilitates smooth operation in a variety of time-sensitive applications.

This innovative relay offers more than just precise timing; it provides a customizable delay feature that allows users to tailor delays according to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of time-sensitive applications. With its seamless integration capabilities, the JSS48A Time Delay Relay effortlessly syncs with existing systems, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability. Whether used in manufacturing, automation, or control systems, this relay serves as a dependable tool that facilitates smooth operations, reduces errors, and increases overall productivity in industrial settings.


CHINT’s extensive lineup of relay products exemplifies its commitment to providing high-quality solutions for diverse electrical needs. From household appliances to industrial machinery, CHINT relays offer reliability, efficiency, and precision, ensuring optimal performance across various applications. Choose CHINT for your relay requirements and experience the difference in electrical control and safety.

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