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Elevate Quality and Efficiency with SZJ Automation’s Battery Solutions

SZJ Automation enables businesses to achieve high-quality, automated, and intelligent inspection on continuous production lines. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and equipment, SZJ Automation revolutionizes the battery manufacturing process, driving efficiency, and ensuring exceptional product quality.

Appearance Inspection Machine for Enhanced Quality Control

SZJ Automation’s battery solutions include state-of-the-art appearance inspection machines. These machines offer high sensitivity and stability, enabling automated and intelligent inspection on continuous production lines. With parameters designed to meet the highest standards, SZJ Automation’s appearance inspection machines ensure thorough quality control and defect detection.

Accurate CD Detection for Precise Battery Manufacturing

SZJ Automation’s battery solutions incorporate accurate CD detection, ensuring precise battery manufacturing. CD, short for Center Distance, refers to the distance between two critical points on a battery. By achieving CD detection accuracy of ≤±0.1mm, SZJ Automation enables businesses to maintain strict quality standards and ensure consistent battery performance.


SZJ Automation’s battery solutions revolutionize the manufacturing process by providing high-quality appearance inspection machines and accurate CD detection technology. The appearance inspection machines enable automated and intelligent inspection, ensuring exceptional product quality and minimizing defects. With an emphasis on high equipment capacity, yield, and low failure rates, SZJ Automation maximizes operational efficiency and productivity.

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