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Empowering Homes: Luobinsen’s Residential EV Charger Revolution

As the world embraces the era of electric vehicles (EVs), Luobinsen stands at the forefront, revolutionizing EV charging with its cutting-edge Residential EV Charger solutions. Tailored for both commercial and residential use, Luobinsen‘s AC chargers bring efficient power delivery to the heart of your home, unlocking a new era in residential EV charger.

Home Charging Redefined: Level 2 AC Charger

Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger transforms your residence into a personal charging hub. Serving as a Level 2 car charger solution, it offers an evolutionary leap in convenience and reliability. The charger boasts multi-layer protection technology, ensuring the safety and longevity of your EV-charging endeavors. Its compact and robust design, coupled with easy installation, makes it the perfect fit for residential use. With more than 10,000 charging connector cycles, this advanced charger guarantees lasting performance, redefining the way you power your electric journey at home.

On-the-Go Flexibility: Mode2 AC Portable Charger

Luobinsen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger extends the convenience of electric mobility to every corner of your life. This portable charger provides a seamless charging experience, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle both at home and in commercial spaces. Designed for user satisfaction, these chargers are not only reliable but also easy to install, making electric vehicle charging hassle-free. Whether you are at home, at work, or on the road, Luobinsen’s AC adapters for cars ensure compatibility and versatility, contributing to the accessibility of electric mobility for everyone.

Smart and User-Friendly: Mode2 AC Portable Charger

Luobinsen’s AC EV Charger for homes and residential spaces is not just a power delivery system; it is a smart and user-friendly solution. The charger features temperature detection with automatic fault repair during the charging process. With a high protection level up to IP66, it is designed to withstand various environmental conditions. The easy-to-use interface allows a simple plug-in and charge mechanism, and reservation OTA ensures continuous upgrades for an enhanced user experience.


Luobinsen’s Residential EV Charger solutions mark a significant stride toward sustainable living. By bringing efficient, reliable, and user-friendly charging solutions to homes, Luobinsen empowers individuals to contribute to a cleaner and greener future. As we witness the transformation of residential spaces into EV charging hubs, Luobinsen’s commitment to innovation becomes a driving force in shaping the sustainable landscape of tomorrow.

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