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Enhance Orthodontic Treatments with Eurasia Dental Lab’s Frankel II Appliance

The Frankel II Appliance is a powerful tool in orthodontics, specifically designed to effect significant changes in anteroposterior, transverse, and vertical jaw relationships during the mixed and early permanent dentition stage. With a focus on Class 2 Division 1 and 2 malocclusions commonly seen in patients aged 7-14 years old, the Frankel II Appliance operates within the buccal vestibule, utilizing buccal shields and lower lip pads to effectively constrain muscle tissue and eliminate the restrictive muscle strength of the dentition.

Eurasia Dental Lab’s Expertise in Frankel II Appliance Fabrication

When it comes to the fabrication of the Frankel II Appliance, Eurasia Dental Lab stands as a trusted partner for American dental clinics. With a deep understanding of the appliance’s important properties, including its ability to produce favorable results with both skeletal and dentoalveolar changes, Eurasia Dental Lab ensures the highest quality craftsmanship and precision in every Frankel II Appliance they create. Their team of highly skilled technicians utilizes advanced techniques and materials to craft appliances that deliver exceptional performance and patient comfort.


Eurasia Dental Lab’s Frankel II Appliance offers American dental clinics a solution to effectively transform jaw relationships and address Class 2 Division 1 and 2 malocclusions in young patients. With their expertise in Frankel II Appliance fabrication and commitment to utilizing advanced techniques, Eurasia Dental Lab provides dental clinics with the confidence to enhance their orthodontic treatments. Trust Eurasia Dental Lab to deliver high-quality Frankel II Appliances that produce favorable skeletal and dentoalveolar changes, ultimately leading to optimal orthodontic outcomes for your patients.

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