Experience the super interesting New88 dragon picking fortune

New88 is an online game with a large number of players participating every day at the house, high reward rate, and simple playing rules. If you are new to New886, if you don’t know how to conquer the game of exploding unicorn jars and picking fortune, you can immediately refer to the article below. From the visual interface, bonus policy, and security of New88 Bookmaker, all are super attractive, giving players the best experience.

The rules of the New88 Lucky Picking Unicorn game are simple

New88 Lucky Picker has a cheerful interface and simple game rules. When you log in to the official page, you will immediately be attracted by feng shui symbols such as Mr. Earth, God of Wealth, solid gold, lucky money envelopes…

The way to spin the jackpot is that the player will click on the bronze drum icon in the right corner of the screen to proceed with the prize drawing. As a result, when the 3-sided symbols are adjacent to each other in the boxes, you will win, receiving a bet reward many times the initial capital spent.

The rewards are also eye-catchingly designed with lucky images such as lucky money envelopes, unicorn heads, gods of wealth… wishing prosperity. This jackpot game has 2 bonus funds: Dai Cat, Dai Loi, the total number of coins ranges from 100,000 – 1,000,000, helping you win many times the amount of money you spent.

After spinning the pot and winning the prize, a unicorn Jackpot symbol will appear on the screen, and the bonus will be added immediately to the player’s New88 wallet.

Outstanding advantages when playing New88 Lion Picking Fortune

The New88 Unicorn Jackpot Explosion Game easily conquers hundreds of online betting enthusiasts with a series of outstanding advantages, giving bettors the best feeling:

Beautiful 3D interface

The game is made super meticulously by the design team from the supplier, the interface and images are beautiful, impressive, and extremely vivid. Each game category clearly shows its corresponding features and clear symbols so that first-time participants can have the best experience.

Information security

The calculation of scores and display of winning jackpots is done transparently, clearly, and without bias for any player. Bonus points are multiplied directly by the bet you have placed, completely confidential, not made public without permission.

All player’s account information, phone numbers, and banks when registering to participate in New88 Lucky Fortune are kept confidential. Make sure not to disclose it to third parties or create loopholes for bad people to hack your account.

Transparent compensation

When participating in Lucky Fortune, you not only have an enjoyable relaxing moment but also earn a sizable bonus. The house announces the win transparently, based on the symbol bet by the player, ranging from x3 – x120 times the initial bet amount.

Instructions for playing New88’s Lucky Lucky Lion

Rookies who have no experience in online betting can try their hand at New88 Lucky Lucky for the first time. The system will guide you through the specific process, you just need to follow each step to ensure you can play right away:

  • Step 1: Visit the official New88 link, register or log in to your account simply with your phone number.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your wallet using the most suitable method, the minimum deposit to play is 200K, first-time depositors will also receive a reward.
  • Step 3: At the official interface, select Slot game → Select the lobby you want to experience such as AGIN, PP, JILI, PS, PNG, MG, PT, PG, CQ9… → Choose to play Lan in that lobby.

Place bets on New88’s Lucky Lucky Lobby

  • Step 4: You proceed to bet money on the desired game, apply the pot spinning technique to complete the corresponding rows and columns. If you win, the bonus will be transferred to the New88 wallet.

Some things to keep in mind when playing Lan to pick fortune

Even though the game focuses on luck, when trying, you still have to accumulate experience to easily succeed with New88 Lucky Lucky. Below are some playing experiences summarized by experts, players can refer to and apply immediately:
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  • Players divide the capital amount into many different bets. To start, players should bet at a low level and gradually increase when they get used to the rules of the game.
  • In the first rounds of lottery betting, players should play slowly, know the appropriate stopping points, and not get too carried away.
  • Focus on the God of Wealth symbol because it has the highest payout rate, winning line 5 will reward x120 times the initial capital.
  • Note that in some spins, if you are lucky you will be rewarded with additional free spins, take advantage of these opportunities to win.

With the above information about the New88 Lucky Lucky Lion, bettors who are passionate about online jackpot betting can comfortably participate and win huge prizes. Don’t forget to follow the next articles that are constantly updated by New88 to have the most exciting hours of fun and entertainment.

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