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Hanshow’s AI Solution: Empowering Retailers with Efficient and Profitable Stores

In today’s shelf label market, harnessing the potential of data and insights is crucial for success. While e-commerce thrives on real-time data analysis, the physical retail space often struggles to leverage this valuable information. Manual labor limitations and the inability to monitor activities hinder retailers from optimizing their operations. However, Hanshow‘s cutting-edge artificial intelligence in retail market revolutionizes the retail landscape, addressing these pain points through digitalization technology such as digital price tag.


Revolutionizing Store Monitoring with AI

Hanshow’s award-winning Visight AI Camera is strategically placed around the store to provide stationary monitoring of shelves and customer traffic. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, retailers gain unprecedented visibility into stock levels, planogram adherence, and customer behavior. The Visight AI Camera analyzes data in real-time, enabling retailers to make informed decisions to optimize sales and operations.

Empowering Store Operations with SPatrol Robot

In addition to stationary monitoring, Hanshow’s SPatrol Robot takes store monitoring shelf label maeket to the next level. This innovative robot roams the store aisles, collecting shelf information and feeding it to backend systems. Equipped with advanced AI capabilities, the SPatrol Robot ensures accurate and timely data collection, enabling retailers to proactively address stock shortages, improve planogram compliance, and enhance the overall shopping experience. By automating these tasks, retailers can optimize their workforce and allocate staff to more value-adding activities.

Efficient and Profitable Stores with Hanshow’s AI Solution

Hanshow’s AI solution empowers retailers to transform their stores into efficient and profitable spaces. By leveraging artificial intelligence, retailers can unlock the untapped potential of their data, streamline operations, and enhance the customer experience. With the Visight AI Camera, SPatrol Robot, and mobile app working in harmony with the ESL system, retailers gain invaluable insights into stock management, planogram compliance, and customer behavior. This holistic approach enables retailers to make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, maximize sales, and stay ahead in the competitive retail market.


Hanshow’s AI solution represents a groundbreaking advancement in the electronic shelf label market. By combining the power of AI with electronic shelf labels, retailers can revolutionize their store operations, optimize sales, and provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience. With the Visight AI Camera, SPatrol Robot, and mobile app as integral components, Hanshow empowers retailers to harness the potential of artificial intelligence and drive efficiency and profitability in their stores.

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