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Precision Redefined: Tianlong’s Next-Generation PCR Systems

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) systems have revolutionized the way we analyze DNA, enabling groundbreaking discoveries in fields ranging from genetics to forensics. Tianlong, a leader in molecular diagnostics technology, is at the forefront of this revolution with its cutting-edge PCR systems. Let’s explore how these systems are redefining precision and efficiency in DNA amplification.

Unveiling the Innovation: Gentier Mini Real-Time PCR System

Tianlong’s commitment to innovation and practicality shines through in the Gentier Mini Real-Time PCR System. Crafted to address the surging demand for rapid on-site testing, this compact and portable solution redefines convenience and efficiency. Through years of application-oriented research and development, Tianlong presents a breakthrough tool that transcends traditional boundaries. This system, adorned with the trusted Tianlong brand, empowers real-time PCR testing with unwavering accuracy and precise temperature control.

Efficiency in Motion: Compact Design, Rapid Scanning

Designed for true versatility, Gentier Mini becomes your steadfast companion in real-time PCR. Its compact form and portability allow effortless mobility, transforming any location into an efficient testing arena. With the ability to complete 16 wells fluorescence scanning in an astonishing 1 second, Gentier Mini optimizes laboratory workflow efficiency, eliminating the need for fluorescence calibration post-relocation.

Flexibility Redefined: Control Modes

Gentier Mini offers three distinct control modes, each catering to your preferences. Choose standalone mode with a 7-inch touch screen for direct control, or opt for seamless integration with computer software. For ultimate convenience, the remote control mode via tablet further amplifies flexibility, allowing you to govern the system’s operations from a distance.

Powerful Software for Comprehensive Analysis

The power of Gentier Mini extends beyond its physical attributes. With powerful software analysis capabilities, this system equips you with an arsenal of functions, from qualitative and absolute quantitative analysis to relative quantitative and SNP analysis. Experience the joy of instant result analysis – whether through direct examination on the device itself or via PC software. The system ensures you’re always connected through various options, including WiFi, USB, and internet interfaces.

As the pinnacle of on-site testing solutions, Tianlong’s Gentier Mini Portable Real-Time PCR System is poised to redefine the way you approach diagnostics. Its compact size, rapid scanning capabilities, and versatile control modes make it an indispensable asset in various fields and applications. Experience the fusion of innovation and practicality – choose Gentier Mini for elevated testing efficiency.

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