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SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319: Lightweight and Reliable

When selecting a camera tripod, striking the ideal balance between lightweight design and dependable stability is crucial. SmallRig, a renowned brand specializing in camera accessories, introduces the SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319—a travel tripod that embodies both lightweight construction and unwavering reliability, catering to the requirements of photographers and videographers.

Integrated Bowl Base for Quick Leveling

The SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319 features an integrated bowl base that streamlines camera leveling for efficient setup. With this innovative feature, you can quickly adjust the tripod to ensure your camera is perfectly aligned. The integrated bowl base provides reliable stability, allowing you to capture professional shots with confidence and precision.

Easily Transforms into a Monopod

The SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319 offers versatility with its ability to transform into a monopod. Whether you’re shooting in tight spaces or need to switch to a single-legged support system, this tripod adapts to your versatile shooting needs. The quick and hassle-free conversion from tripod to monopod ensures convenience and flexibility in various shooting situations.


Experience the advantages of a lightweight and dependable travel tripod with the SmallRig CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319. Its integrated bowl base ensures swift leveling and unwavering stability, enabling you to capture professional shots with ease. Moreover, the tripod’s versatile transformation into a monopod expands your shooting possibilities. SmallRig’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation shines through in the CT190 Video Tripod Kit 4319, making it the ideal choice for photographers and videographers in search of a lightweight yet reliable tripod.

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