What is Penalty Card Betting? How to read penalty cards?

Besides the main bets, side bets such as Penalty Card bets are bringing huge profits to players. With New88vinet Quickly learn about this interesting bet to increase your chances of winning prizes from the house.

What is Penalty Card Betting?

A penalty card in a soccer match is a punishment that the referee gives to players for bad behavior or violating rules in Soccer. Regarding the Penalty Cards bet, betting players can simply understand that the bookmaker is using the number of penalty cards the two teams must receive in 45 minutes vs 90 minutes of official competition to place bets.

Instead of using the number of goals to make bets, the bookmaker now changes to the index of penalty cards to make bets. This means that when predicting or calculating the results of the yellow card bet, the win or loss of the match will not be considered, but only the number of cards the two teams will receive.

Types of play with penalty card bets

Because it is a side bet that few people know about, you may not know all the ways to play when betting on card bets. This is the general term, but the house rate table can be divided into:

Bet on yellow cards

That is, just compare the number of yellow cards the two teams must receive, including betting:

  • 1×2 yellow cards: The team that receives more yellow cards will win the bet.
  • Handicap yellow cards: The team that plays harder will handicap the opponent with a certain number of cards.
  • O/U yellow cards: Bet on the total number of cards received by both teams.
  • Shake the card: There is the team that receives the first card, the team that receives the next card, and the team that receives the last card.
  • No card bet: If you guess no card throughout the match, you will bet on this bet.
  • E/O number of cards: Bet on whether the total number of yellow cards is Even or Odd.

Red card bet

With this section, the house only takes the total number of red cards that the two teams must receive to set bets. However, red cards are quite rare, only players who play too hard and engage in unsportsmanlike behavior can have this happen. Therefore, there are 2 types of play:

  • There is a red card: Count the first half/ whole match or for each team.
  • No red card: This bet has lower odds.

Bet on card points

Calculated based on the total number of yellow and red cards received by the two teams with the following regulations:

  • Yellow card: 1 point.
  • Red card: 2 points.
  • Get 2 yellow cards or 1 red and 1 yellow: 3 points.

Regarding betting forms as well as yellow card bets: Bet 1X2 card points, handicap bets on card points, O/U card points, E/O card points…

In addition, players should note that the number of cards counted only applies to players who are still on the field. Players on the bench, technical staff, players who have been substituted (generally outside the Pitch line) and are carded will not be included in this bet.

How to calculate Penalty Card odds and specific examples

The difference between card betting and normal play is just using different indices to set bets. As for how to calculate money, the formula will still comply with the principles of that form of bet. That is how to calculatePenalty Card Betting as follows:

With 1X2 odds, odd even, first – last

The bet odds are Win Odds, Loss Odds are -1.0, how to calculate money:

  • Win bet, winning amount = betting capital x Odds bet.
  • Bet loss, money lost = the amount of money bet.

With Over/Under – Asia

This bet has 4 formulas:

  • Bet to win, reward amount = capital x winning Odds.
  • Bet to win ½, prize number = capital x Win Odds x 0.5.
  • The losing bet is enough, the lost amount = capital x losing Odds,
  • Loss bet loses ½, loss amount = Capital x Loss Odds x 0.5.

Specific examples

Example of Penalty Card Betting

For example, in the match between Osasuna vs Villarreal, the O/E card odds are given as: O – odd chance, reward coefficient 1 to 0.95, E – even chance, reward coefficient 1 to 0.93.

For example, you bet 100k on Odd:

  • The result of the match is 2 – 2, which means you will lose 100k if you get even.
  • If 1-2 is an odd result, bet 100x 0.95 = 95k.


Good experience for playing easy-to-win penalty card bets

The Penalty Card bet is not a type of play based solely on luck, but clearly to win in this bet, the player must have the best analysis and reading of the match. Show you some good tips:

  • Learn carefully how the two teams play: You have to see if the kicking team is solid, if the defense is tight and if there are “butchers” in the defense. If so, rest assured about Tai.
  • The second thing is not to bet on whether or not there will be a Red Card: This is an extremely special situation, you cannot use any index to weigh or measure it, so it’s best not to take risks.
  • Third: Follow the match closely, see if the playing style of the two teams is strong and not afraid of collision. Then you can put money down in the second half.
  • Fourth: According to the nature of the match, if there is tension and need to win or lose, go to Over and vice versa.
  • Thursday: See the confrontation history of the two teams to determine the return bet.


Above is the information about the Penalty Card bet that players need to master if they want to participate in this type of bet. Remember New88 every day to add information about other interesting types of play.

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